Discovering your dog knocked over a bottle of bleach and spilled it all over your black shirt is generally a nightmare scenario for pet owners, but for Redditor r/universe_point, it turned out to be an unexpectedly fashionable accident.

The Redditor shared a photo of the results of the accident on the subreddit r/mildlyinteresting, and believe it or not, their dog Apollo actually improved the look of their black crop top.

Image Source: Imgur

Fashion designing isn’t the only thing that Apollo is good at, either. According to a comment by his owner, he can also “sit, shake, catch a dog treat tossed two inches in front of his nose with about 70% accuracy.”

Image Source: Imgur

This talented artist certainly looks proud of his work! Between the shirt’s cool new look and those irresistible puppy dog eyes, it’s impossible to be upset about this happy accident.


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