They say that misery loves company, and one dog made sure that his dad at least thought he had some “company” when he had to limp around on crutches for a while.

Back in June, Russell Jones broke his ankle and had to be put in a cast. As it seemed, though, he wasn’t the only one who was struggling to get around. Russell’s dog Billy, normally an energetic, playful pup, suddenly began displaying odd behavior. Most notably, every time he was around his “dad,” Billy would also start limping.

Concerned that a terrible coincidence had taken place, the family took Billy to the vet. What if the poor dog also had an injured foot or ankle? The two would’ve made quite a sight together, walking around with twin casts.

Imagine their surprise when the vet told them that nothing seemed to be wrong with Billy’s foot at all!

Yep, this sympathetic dog had just been copying Russell the whole time, putting on his limp only when he was around his dad and walking just fine when Russell wasn’t around. We have to admit — he put on a pretty convincing show:

Thankfully, Russell is now healed up, and miraculously, so is Billy! These two are the perfect pair, and we hope Russell will show his best friend the same sympathy if the roles are reversed!


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