Many dog owners put up fences to keep their dogs in the yard, but one dog owner’s fence didn’t quite do the job.

Meet Lu-Seal.

She’s got a big personality, but she’s a lot smaller than she thinks she is.

So, much to her owner’s surprise, Lu-Seal was able to slip through the bars in the family’s newly installed fence, leaving her in a rather troubling predicament. Her mom arranged for a company to come put puppy guards on the fence, but since it would be some time before the guards were put up, her owner had to think of a temporary solution in the meantime. So she got creative.

Yep, for a little while, Lu-Seal needed a “safety spoon” to block her from escaping! Thankfully, this escape artist is now kept inside the yard with the help of puppy guards and no longer has to wear her funny accessory, but at least for the humans in her life, it looks like it was fun while it lasted!


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