Waiting for a loved one to come home from the hospital can be nerve-wracking and lonely, especially when you’re used to spending all your time with them. And it’s not just people who are affected by such an absence, either — animals also miss their humans, and one dog made his yearning known when he waited for his dad outside the hospital for days.

A dog named Boncuk has been showing up to the doors of the Medical Park Trabzon Karadeniz Hospital every day at nine a.m. and staying until night begins to fall. You see, Boncuk’s owner of nine years, Cemal Şentürk, was in that hospital, having being taken away by ambulance. Boncuk had followed the ambulance to the hospital, and even when his owner’s family would try to take the sweet dog back home, he stubbornly persisted in hurrying back to the place where his dad was being treated.

In time, Boncuk became a friendly face at the hospital, and staff would come out to visit him and give him food while he kept his watch.

Moved by the dog’s dedication and devotion to his dad, the hospital staff eventually let Boncuk in to see his owner for a very happy reunion.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. The Independent has reported that the dog’s owner is feeling better and has been discharged from the hospital! Now, dog and man can be reunited again in peace.


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