Murphy the dog went eight months without seeing his mom, Janna Berger. Janna was off training for the army, and she and her beloved dog missed each other terribly.

Though they were far apart and couldn’t communicate, Janna and Murphy thought about each other every day. In fact, Janna told The Dodo that her mom wrote her a letter saying that Murphy waited outside Janna’s door for her to come back every single day. Their bond was undeniably strong, so when Janna finally came home, she expected a happy reunion between her and Murphy.

Well, she got that reunion, but it took a minute for Murphy to realize what was happening!

In a video Janna shared, Murphy first approaches his long-lost Mom with hesitation and fear. After nearly a year of separation, he wasn’t sure what to think about the human with the hat and strange clothes in his driveway, and he preferred to keep his distance. But once Janna took her military hat off and Murphy got a whiff of her familiar scent, he knew exactly who was trying to give him a hug.

From that moment on, Murphy was an uncontrollable ball of love and excitement. He couldn’t stop scrambling over Janna, giving her kisses and wagging his tail so hard it might fall off! Finally, mom and pup were reunited, and they no longer have to miss each other from afar.

Check out the video of this sweet reunion below:


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