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Do You See A Dog Or A Creepy Clown In This Confusing Photo?


Once in a while, a picture comes along that divides the internet. First, we had The Dress, and since then, a number of photos with confusing perspectives have appeared, leaving people wondering if they can really trust their own eyes.

Somehow, dogs often get caught up in these confusing perspective photos. For example, many people thought that this dog was a terrifying monster until they realized what was really going on!

Now, another sweet pup has become the victim of camera angles and lighting. A photo making the rounds of social media has some people saying “awww” and others saying “AHHHH!”

The internet is divided on what they see — some people see a dog, while others see a creepy clown (others see the “clown” as a child with tape over their mouth, which is also very creepy).

If you can’t see the “face,” here’s what other people are seeing:

Thankfully, though, this is not a creature from your nightmares, but a chocolate lab. Once you see the dog, the image makes a lot more sense!

Which image did you see first? Can you switch your perspective to see between the two? Let us know in the comments!



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