Disney is well known for making tear-jerking films, and though their latest clip isn’t a full-length film, it will certainly make you wonder if someone is cutting onions nearby.

The campaign is described on the company’s official website: “Disney EMEA has launched its 2020 festive campaign ‘From Our Family To Yours,’ including its first-ever Christmas advert, a three-minute animated tale telling a touching story of a grandmother, her granddaughter, and the family traditions that connect them through the years.”

The clip tells the story of a young Filipina girl who receives a Mickey Mouse plushie in the 1940s. She grows up and eventually becomes a grandmother, passing along the stuffed animal to her granddaughter. The grandmother (or “lola”) starts a yearly tradition with her granddaughter by making parols — star-shaped lanterns traditionally made from Japanese paper and bamboo that are displayed throughout the Christmas season. Though time moves on, the tradition stays… until one night, when the granddaughter decides to forego the special crafting.

Don’t worry, though — this short story has a happy, beautiful ending, but you have to watch it for yourself so we don’t spoil the surprise!

Better yet, Disney is actually selling the vintage Mickey plush seen in the advert, and they’ll be donating 25 percent of each purchase of the doll to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. If you want to pass along this special plush to your own family, you can do so knowing that your purchase is helping out a great cause.

You can check out the advert below:


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