Beds are the perfect place for a nap whether you’re a human or a cat. Cat owners know how much kitties like to hide under the bed, whether for a long afternoon snooze or just to get some security when unfamiliar company comes over. Now, one company has designed a bed that can accommodate both species in the best way possible.

The designers at CatLife have built a bed that functions exactly like a normal bed on top, but contains a cat-sized maze underneath.

When it’s put together, the bed looks like a normal piece of furniture, albeit with a couple of entryways for your kitty to enter and exit.

The company builds other cat-friendly furniture as well, but this has perhaps been their biggest hit with cat-lovers.

If you’re looking for a bed with great aesthetic appeal, this one will look pretty in your room while also giving your feline family members a safe, cozy place to hide and play.

Check out the CatLife website for this bed and more feline-friendly furniture!


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