We love a good harmless prank, and Kristen Vogler of Massachusetts may have earned the title of Prank Master after the one she pulled on her parents.

Kristen’s family home has a wall covered in family photos, and one day, she decided to start replacing them with “terrible” crayon drawings that depicted the original photos in a… um… more creative form.

Kristen shared the inspiration and photos of her project in a Facebook post:

In case anyone needs a laugh or Some Good News, I’ve been working on a project for the last 12 days, without telling my parents, waiting for them to notice. I started poorly recreating the framed photos on our wall with top notch art supplies, aka – a box of crayons. Every day I replaced a new photo with a new, and terrible, crayon drawing.Sneaking these masterpieces up was not easy, I had to hide in the bathroom clutching the frames multiple times. It took Paula Sassone Vogler and Mike Vogler 11 days to notice that anything had changed. I find that concerning I had a lot of fun messing with my parents during the downtime between Kristen Vogler Design projects. I hope you enjoy it, and if you know someone needing a mediocre crayon drawing, you know where to find me.*these crayon works are not supposed to be good by any means, that was part of the fun, so feel free to make fun of them.

Here’s how the wall started. Nothing strange here!

On day one, the first photo was replaced, and bets were set on how long it would take for her parents to notice.

On day 2, she added another “photo” while her parents were out on a walk.

As she worked her way up to three drawings, she noted that her parents used the door on the left multiple times a day and still hadn’t noticed something was different!

She thought she’d get caught on day 4 after posting about her progress on Twitter. You see, her mom had just signed up for a Twitter account! But thankfully, her mom’s account was locked and she didn’t see the updates.

By day 5, she was having trouble picking pictures that wouldn’t be noticeable. But still, her parents didn’t say anything.

Day 6 was a challenge because it was raining and therefore harder for her parents to find an excuse to get out of the house, but she managed anyway.

As she rounded out her first week of unnoticed crayon photos, Kristen doubled her efforts and re-drew two of the Christmas photos that were held in one frame.

She never thought she’d make it to day 8 without being caught, but she did!

Almost all of the photos were recreated by day 8. Would her parents ever catch on?!

On Easter, Kristen completed her 9th crayon recreation. Her mom hid Easter eggs for her, but didn’t notice something seemed a bit off about that top left portrait.

She almost got caught on day 11 as she was hanging one up, but hid in the bathroom and was safe. Phew!

Finally, on day 12, her mom noticed that the photo wall didn’t look like it used to. Kristen filmed her parents’ reaction, and now, her post is going viral!

…But she still recreated the last photo on the wall just for “closure.”

There’s now a new bet going on in this funny family: “My Dad bet my Mom that if the video of them discovering this prank gets to 1 million views by the end of the week, he doesn’t have to eat broccoli for the rest of the year. Help a Dad out,” said Kristen on her original post about her prank.

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