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Dad Waits Nearly Three Decades To Pull Perfect Prank For Son’s Birthday


Is there any sense of humor like a dad’s sense of humor? They don’t call goofy, eye-roll-worthy jokes “Dad jokes” for nothing, after all. If you need any more evidence that no one makes people (and themselves) laugh like dads do, look no further than the prank masterclass that was taught by Rob Witts‘ dad.

Witts is a 42-year-old university admin now, but once upon a time, he was a little boy watching his dad turn 42. And like any kid watching a parent get “old,” he had jokes. He made his dad a birthday card, complete with a little illustration on the front.

“Hey everybody! He’s 42! Of course[…]” said the front of the card.

Then, Rob’s dad opened the card to find a sarcastic jab at his reluctance to creeping another year away from youth.

“…we won’t draw any attention to it, will we?
Happy 42nd birthday Dad!
From Robbie”

It was a cute little zing, and Rob probably assumed his dad had simply saved the card away somewhere, if he’d remembered it at all. But on Rob’s own 42nd birthday, he got a surprise of his own:

Yep, Rob’s dad returned the exact same card to him on his own 42nd birthday! He even included a special message:

“I guess if you wait long enough, what goes round comes round!”

Rob clearly appreciated the card with the same sense of humor as his father:

So just how long did Rob’s dad have to wait to deliver this “karmic justice”? Well, in a follow-up tweet, Rob said that he was fourteen when he made his dad that card… meaning his dad has been waiting twenty-eight years for this birthday surprise. We love this funny family!



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