We all know by now that brands have a lot of sneaky, underhanded ways to get us to buy their products. From specific colors to fun mascots to grocery shelf placement, the marketing behind popular food products is often so subtle that it’s downright devious. We may not even notice that it’s happening as we suddenly develop a craving for fast food or a certain breakfast cereal.

But, uh, that’s not how Chipotle does things.

Joel Willis, the man behind The Dad pages, already knew what he wanted for dinner when he sought communication with the Chipotle Twitter page. Joel was hoping to get some Tex-Mex takeout for dinner, but his wife, Laura, wanted something else. Joel needed some extra incentive, so he tweeted to Chipotle directly for help.

He even suggested the company add in a little personalized effect for his wife.

Well, Chipotle heard his pleas and made up a special holiday on the spot just for Laura.

This time, when Laura suggested her husband make dinner, he was armed with the perfect comeback.

Image Source: The Dad via Twitter

Did it work? Did Joel’s conspiracy with Chipotle get him the burrito he’d been hoping for?

Image Source: The Dad via Twitter


It just goes to show: if your significant other doesn’t want the same food you do, getting them on your side is as easy as convincing a major brand to make up an entire holiday for your benefit.


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