Whether you’re human or canine, your haircut can make a huge impact on how you look. And while we deeply understand the horror that strikes our minds when we look in the mirror and realize that our stylist really, really messed things up, our pets also seem to understand when they’re… erm… not looking their best.

For example, one dog wouldn’t even look at her owner after a drastic style change at the groomers. But then again, trying to create your own professional results for your pup at home doesn’t always work out the way you want either. One poor pup was left completely unrecognizable after her trip to the groomer, though.

Twitter user @REALBURTIIS shared a before-and-after pair of photos of his grandmother’s dog, who was once the picture of cuteness.

The dog was taken to the groomer (at PetSmart, according to the post), presumably to shorten and tidy some of that luxurious fur to prevent knots and mats. Instead, the dog came back unrecognizable.

Apparently, underneath all that hair is a pretty goofy-looking pup!

The tweet revealing the dog’s fateful haircut has gone viral on Twitter, and people are a mix of horrified and deeply amused by the results. Thankfully, hair grows back, and hopefully this dog will have better luck the next time she goes in for a trim!


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