Bobcats are known for being shy and wary of humans, but that didn’t stop one curious bobcat kitten from venturing out and getting a closer look at a staff member at the UC Riverside Botanic Gardens in California.

The Botanic Gardens shared the video on their Facebook page, showing the rare moment a bobcat kitten ventured away from its mother to check out the nearby human. Given how eager bobcats are to avoid human contact, there’s no doubt that this kitten’s mother wouldn’t be too thrilled if she saw what her baby was doing, but thankfully, neither human nor animal was harmed in this once-in-a-lifetime interaction!

Of course, it’s never recommended to get too close to wildlife, so no matter how cute a bobcat kitten (or any other wild baby animal) might be, it’s safest for you and the animal to stay away from each other if possible.

You can watch the sweet moment for yourself below:


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