Deepfake videos have been blowing minds on the internet since they first emerged. The technique allows creators to do virtually whatever they want with existing video footage, and the results can vary from terrifying to entertaining. After all, with this technology, what can stop people from making celebrities or elected officials “say” things that they didn’t actually say?

On the same coin, though, is the fact that we can now imagine our favorite actors playing the roles of our dreams. That’s exactly what one YouTube user did when they created a deepfake that reimagined “Back to the Future” with Tom Holland playing Marty McFly and Robert Downey Jr. playing Doc Brown. Fans of Marvel’s Avengers series, in particular, can appreciate the dynamic between these two, as Holland’s Peter Parker and Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark had a wonderful mentor/mentee connection in the movies. Now, fans can enjoy it again, even for just one scene, in this BttF deepfake. Check it out and let us know: is it creepy, or just plain cool?!


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