A couple was given the wedding they had always wanted on a plane…mid-flight…by no other than His Holiness himself, Pope Francis.

Two flight attendants, Paulo Podest Ruiz and Carlo Ciuffardi Elorriga, have been married since 2010. However, their Church was destroyed by an earthquake, so they never got the wedding they had always wanted.

One day they were working on the papal plane and asked the pope for his blessing. When Pope Francis asked if they were married by the church, they said no. That’s when the Pope asked them if they wanted him to marry them right there, mid-flight, on the plane. Needless to say, they two agreed.

This is not only one of the few instances where an acting pope has married two people, but on a plane.

Pope Francis Spontaneously Marries Couple on Papal Plane

Imagine getting spontaneously married by the Pope while you're mid-flight

Posted by NowThis on Thursday, January 18, 2018


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