How would you react when you found your bank account reading an extra 120k in balance? You would probably spend it on your dream cars, go on that vacation you have always wanted or clear your outstanding debts.

Few people would remember to call the bank to inquire about what is going on. Yeah, that is why the police are charging Robert and Tiffany Williams of Montoursville, Pennsylvania for theft and receiving of stolen property.

News station WNEP reported. $120,000 was accidentally deposited into their BB&T bank account that had an initial balance of $ 1,121 only following a teller error. The incident occurred in early June and the couple wasted no time blowing the miracle cash.

They had bought a camper, a Chevy and a racecar and distributed $15000 to their friends who were desperate for money by the time the authorities got to them. This is according to what state trooper Aaron Brown told the Williamsport Sun-Gazette.

They had spent a total $ 100000 by the end of the second week according to WNEP. The Bank contacted the couple around June 20 to return all the funds. The withdrawal had resulted in an overdraft of $ 107,416 after the miraculous transfer.

Tiffany Williams, 35 informed the bank that they intend to repay what they spent following the notification. The couple was last week released on a bail of $ 25000 each as the case proceeds.


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