A woman dubbed “Costco Karen” has found infamy in a video that shows her staging an impromptu sit-in protest when she was asked to wear a mask at Costco. Thankfully, though, the staff member seen assisting her in the video is also receiving praise for her patience in handling the situation.

In a bystander’s video, the woman in question is first seen arguing with the employee and claiming she has a medical condition before backtracking as her mask dangles from one ear. “I’m a United States citizen,” she says, while the employee responds, “You have to wear your mask in Costco, though. It’s a private property.”

The employee remains pleasant throughout their entire interaction, offering to assist the customer multiple times in matters like signing up for a membership and finding her way back outside if she’s uncomfortable wearing a mask inside the store. Then, though, the woman sits down on the floor. The employee still remains cool as a cucumber, calling for assistance and pleasantly offering the customer a chair or a place to sit outside. The woman still refuses, and the employee at least manages to convince her to sit out of the way of people exiting the store with their shopping carts.

While the behavior of the would-be customer is disappointing, the employees in the video should be commended for their incredible patience and kindness during what was surely a highly frustrating situation. You can see the video for yourself below:


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