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Costco Worker Goes Viral For Response To Customer Who Refuses To Wear Mask


In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, many governments and private businesses are implementing policies requiring the use of facemasks. While they aren’t necessarily comfortable, most people can wear the masks just fine, but that’s not stopping everyone from kicking up a fuss when asked to put them on.

Costco is among the stores requiring everyone to wear masks while inside, but one man refused to do so. This naturally attracted the attention of an employee named Tison, who saw the uncooperative customer waiting in the checkout line. The customer started recording Tison for his “3,000 Instagram followers,” but Tison handled the situation like a complete pro.

Despite the customer’s protests about “waking up in a free country,” Tison deescalates the situation, calmly but firmly reiterating the store’s policy and warning the customer that he’ll have to leave the store if he chooses not to wear a mask. In the end, the employee walks away with the cart while the customer berates him and complains that the employee is “walking away with all [his stuff]” that he still hadn’t paid for.

Tison is being celebrated on social media as a hero for his handling of the situation, and we can see why. Join over 6 million people who have already watched the video by checking out the clip below:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Tison has seen the viral video and responded while giving us a selfie so we could see him without his mask:



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