Animals often find their way onto busy roads and train tracks. While many of them move out of the way when they see or feel a vehicle coming, some animals aren’t fast enough to get out of danger in time. Thankfully, though, one tortoise didn’t need speed to rescue her when she found herself on streetcar tracks in Turkey.

Serhat Topal is a streetcar conductor, and he was making his way along the tracks with a car full of passengers when he noticed something amiss on the other side of the tracks. It looked like a rock, but… moving?

Yep, it was a tortoise! And she was not where she should be.

Nobody would’ve blamed him if he’d kept going and assumed the animal would make its way out of danger without his help, but Serhat’s big heart prompted him to stop the car. He informed the passengers about the reason for the unexpected stop, disembarking briefly to pick up the tortoise and place her on the other side of the fence. Then, he got right back on the car and continued his work.

Serhat’s simultaneously big and small act of kindness warmed the hears of his passengers, and after security camera footage of the sweet moment was shared on YouTube, people all over the world have seen the kind man’s compassion for themselves.

You can check it out below:


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