Until now, many people have had to choose between keeping their dog from hogging the whole bed or just letting it sleep on the floor. How nice would it be to have something in the middle, where your pup could join you in slumber without sticking its feet in your face while you’re in dreamland?

That’s exactly what Country Creations Pine Furniture hopes to accomplish with their king-size bed with an attached “toddler-size” pet bed. The Pennsylvania company’s brilliant creation has gained a lot of attention recently as their design has spread far and wide, with pet owners everywhere celebrating such a good idea.

The beds come with stairs for your pets (or kids… or you, if you really want) and six drawers, helping to maximize space.

The beds come in a variety of finishes, and the pet beds are sold with the “human beds” as a set.

The add-on also features drawers for even more storage space as well!

The father and son team works hard to make these creations, and the effort they put into their woodworking is clear.

Check out the video below to see a more complete view of these unique beds, and make sure to check them out if you live close to Clintonville, PA!


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