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Chubby Pug Gets Stuck Trying To Squeeze Through Cat Door


We’ve all tried to squeeze into clothes that don’t quite fit anymore, so let’s spare a little empathy for Sushi the pug.

Sushi is a chubbier girl — or at least, chubbier than the average cat. But when her mom and dad had to briefly leave her in the laundry room, where there was a cat door left by the previous owner of their home, Sushi believed she had the perfect opportunity to rejoin the rest of her family. So she tried to squeeze herself through the little door, confident that she could fit through.

Unfortunately, though, what happened instead was probably a bit embarrassing for Sushi, but absolutely hilarious for her human parents.


Since y’all love Sushi as much as me here is a clip from the original video! 😂 ##pug ##puglife ##fyp ##dogsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Rachel Wright

Sushi’s owner, Rachel Wright, filmed Sushi’s funny mishap and uploaded it to TikTok, and since then, almost 200,000 people have watched this chubby pup’s moment of misfortune.

Thankfully, Rachel’s husband soon came to assist Sushi, and the pug was released without injuries. Her pride was the only thing hurt in her little misadventure! Hopefully, she’ll be a little more aware of her size before she tries something like this again.



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