Have you ever had a teddy bear or stuffed animal you wished you could bring to life? Well, one dog is making that childhood fantasy look like it could actually happen.

Chowder is a chow-chow, so he’s a super fluffy pooch by default. But good health, good genes, and good grooming have given this poofy pup an extra fluffy appearance, and now, he looks like your favorite childhood teddy bear come to live!

Chowder is six and lives in the Phillippines.

He came to his owners as a gift from his humans’ parents.


As you can see, he’s extremely fluffy, and he gets lots of attention whenever he goes out with his humans.

He’s also gotten lots of attention online. He has over 431,000 Instagram followers and counting!

He also has the distinctively colorful chow-chow tongue.

He’s been this cute and floofy ever since he was little.

Can you just imagine how comforting it would be to scratch that chin?!

While some of us will only be able to dream of being able to bring our teddy bears to life, Chowder’s owners basically get to have that every day!

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