Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan were married for nine years, but back in 2018, the Hollywood “power couple” felt that it would be best to end their relationship. They divorced and had to learn how to co-parent together for the sake of their now-seven-year-old daughter Everly, and recently, Channing has opened up about his personal journey in learning how to be the best father possible to his little girl.

In an interview with, Channing shared the thoughts, feelings, and fears that entered his mind when he became a single dad.

“When I became a single father, I had a lot of fear about connecting to Everly in every way that a little girl might want. I didn’t wear nail polish or know how to braid hair. But now I do both. I jumped with both feet into this magical world, and I was rewarded with a kind of love that I don’t think I would have ever been able to have otherwise.”

Tatum, who has also recently written a children’s book titled “The One and Only Sparkella” that was inspired by Everly, has since shrugged his doubts aside and leaned into the new dynamic of his special relationship with his daughter.

“I paint my face, I wear tutus—rarely am I around the house without some sort of costume on,” he told Parents.

Co-parenting after divorce can be tough, and learning how to be a single parent can be even harder. Thankfully, it looks like this star is managing his special connection with his daughter just fine!


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