Any cat owner will tell you how much these furry friends love finding anything to sit inside, whether it’s a box, a laundry basket, or even a marking on the ground. Based on what we’ve seen in supermarkets or other public places since social distancing measures were implemented, we humans could really learn a lot from the cats in our lives!

A woman in the Philippines named Coleen Joice Aquino offered up even more evidence of this when she shared photos of a few cats in an outdoor market patiently sitting within the social distancing markers.

Cats apparently frequent this market in hopes of scoring some free food, so seeing them there wasn’t a huge surprise, but they had made themselves comfortable in the social distancing circles and stayed there for about ten minutes.

While the cats in our lives probably aren’t aware of the craziness going on due to the coronavirus outbreak (although they might be grumpy about us staying home more and invading “their” space), but the need to be inside enclosed spaces is a survival instinct that comes from their wild counterparts. But while a leopard or jaguar might be justified in their need to hide inside logs or ravines waiting for prey or avoiding rivals, these kitties thankfully don’t need to worry about such things when they find comfort inside their circles.

Regardless of the cats’ intentions, the moment was a cute one, and it’s no great shock that the post went viral on social media after Coleen shared the photos. A lot of people could learn from these kitties’ example!


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