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Category 5 Storm Prompts Woman to Shelters 97 Stray Dogs

Photo/Facebook: Chella Phillips

The Bahamas experienced a ragging Hurricane Dorian whose aftermath was massive destruction. Approximately thirteen thousand houses were ruthlessly wrecked, and five people were killed. In the process, animals such as dogs were forgotten.

The Nassau, Bahamas’ voiceless dogs only rely on Chella Phillips for safety through her rescue operation. Her operations are not associated with the Hurricane Society, and therefore, the government does not fund her operations.

Nevertheless, she offered to take in 97 pooches into her house to protect them from the hurricane. The dogs were of all sizes and shapes. They occupied her sitting and bedroom, but she was lucky that they did not defecate on her bed. She barricaded everything in her house; put the AC for the dogs and playing music for them in all directions.

Chella Phillips offers homeless dogs love, water, shelter, and food. Her kind acts prompted many well-wishers to send their donations from various parts of the world upon seeing her actions that trended globally.


All the dogs get along very well, and they are even so welcoming to the newcomers especially by wagging their tails since they understand their street suffering.

Photo/Facebook: Chella Phillips

As a result, Chella Phillips requests for rescues from the public to help her offer the dogs a loving home.



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