Cats may be finicky eaters when they’re provided with a choice between wet or dry food, but when it comes down to it, these hardy animals will do and eat whatever they need to survive.

One cat proved that when he traveled from Ukraine to Israel — about 3,000 miles! — in a shipping container and made it out alive and well thanks to an unusual diet.

Star Shine Shipping, which sent out the shipping container, shared photos of the unexpected stowaway, who was in the container for three weeks. It was a miracle that the cat survived, but as it turned out, this crafty survivalist made it through the ordeal by eating the candy that was being shipped inside the boxes. Though no one is really sure how the cat stayed hydrated, it’s assumed that he just licked the moisture that dripped and accumulated inside the shipping container.

Thankfully, the cat isn’t just alive — he’s in remarkably good and healthy condition. As for how he got in there in the first place, an investigation by the shipping company found CCTV footage that showed the cat sneaking into the container while it was being loaded up with the sweet treats.

This cat may have used up one of his nine lives in the process of getting to Israel, but we’re just glad he’s safe and healthy now!

All images via Star Shine Shipping LTD.


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