Cats certainly don’t bother with shyness when they’re hungry. They’ll meow, swat at you, and get your attention in any way possible to let you know that it’s dinner time, darn it!

A cat named Winslow has developed a more sophisticated way of letting his owner know when he’s ready for his meal, though. You see, Winslow has a tiny him-sized piano, and he gets musical when it’s time to eat.

Winslow’s human, Kate Nyx, shared a cute video of Winslow pawing the ivories… even though dinner was still two hours away. Kate is a musical artist herself, and she bought the piano off eBay when she was in high school. She told Bored Panda that she taught her kitty to use the itty bitty piano so that he’d stop meowing at her when he was hungry, and as you can see, he took to it just fine. In fact, he also uses it to demand other things, like attention!

Check out Winslow’s musical talents below. We love this gifted (and hungry) kitty’s way of getting a snack!


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