We’ve all seen the horror movies — an unsuspecting cyclist is traveling down a country road when suddenly, a mysterious, scary pursuer comes out of the bushes and chases them down.

For Keith Alley, this wasn’t a work of scary fiction, but the reality he faced one day while taking a bike ride down a quiet country road in Canada. While on his ride, he spotted a large shape up ahead, which moved to the side of the road as he approached. There’s lots of wildlife in Canada, so he wasn’t quite sure what it could be. But as he got closer, he realized that it was a large black ram.

What began as a surprise encounter with the wooly animal turned into a hot pursuit. The ram watched Keith pass and then began chasing him down the road. Keith couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and he just had to film it!

Keith told The Dodo that the ram only stopped chasing him when a truck passed by, and it was then that his pursuer turned around and left him alone. As it turned out, this wouldn’t be the last time these two would cross paths.

As it turns out, that ram is named Ozzy and lives a comfortable life on a nearby farm, probably having no reason to want to mow down cyclists in his day-to-day life. He’d escaped the day he met Keith and thankfully made it back home safely. Keith, for his part, wanted to clear the air, so he stopped by the farm to have a less confrontational interaction with the persistent sheep.

We’re glad to see these two have come to an understanding. Hopefully they can become lifelong pals!


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