Nature has given many wild animals the gift of great camouflage. From the skies to the sea, animals are cloaked with fur, feathers, and scales that help them blend in with their surroundings, helping them sneak up on prey or avoid being the prey.

Of course, we humans like to believe we’re too clever for these animals’ craftiness. Surely we’ve seen enough nature documentaries to know what to look for if we’re out in the woods and worried about getting eaten my some ferocious predator, right?

Well, now’s your chance to test that theory.

Last October, a trail cam from the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge, located in New Mexico, captured a photo of what they swear is a puma sneaking up on an elk. But, unsurprisingly, a lot of people are having a tough time finding the big cat amongst all the scenery.

“Take a moment today to search for the hidden mountain lion that is following this elk. How long did it take you? Share this and find out how many of your friends can actually spot this elusive predator! This photo was taken as part of a monitoring project looking at the success of restoring arroyos at Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge. Photo description: One elk in the foreground of an arroyo surrounded by trees and one mountain lion hidden in the background. Photo was taken in October 2019.”

We promise you, the puma really is there — this isn’t just a prank designed to drive you crazy while you stare at your screen! Once you see it, you may wonder how you missed it in the first place. But in the wild, let’s be honest — this predator will probably find you before you find it.

Scroll down below the picture for a hint if you’re having a bit of trouble.

(Need a hint?

Look near the base of the tree in the far left of the photo!)


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