Showing mold on food isn’t exactly a way to get your customers’ appetites working, but a bold new ad from fast food chain Burger King is trying to prove that theory wrong.

In a jarring new ad, a Whopper is shown via a time lapse of over a month. You’ve probably seen something like this before with other fast food ads — aside from a bit of mushiness, nothing really changes, right? Fast food has a reputation for including ingredients that, alarmingly, don’t seem to decompose over time. But this ad for the Whopper is different.

Instead of remaining the same, or perhaps just slightly soggier, the burger begins to grow mold. A lot of it. By the end of the sequence, the burger is completely covered in mold, and the ad tells its viewers that this burger doesn’t have the preservatives that would keep it from growing mold. It’s a daring move to prove just how fresh and healthy your ingredients are, but in an industry where everything seems fake, this ad makes the eatery (and its food) seem far more real.

Take a look:


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