Most dogs don’t understand the concept of television, but enjoy watching the real world pass by in front of them. Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen of Denmark had this in mind when she cut two holes in her fence so that her two dogs, Winston and Bogart, could look out at the street safely.

As cute is it would already be to walk past a house and see a pair of wrinkly-faced pups watching you go by, Levinsen decided to have a bit of fun with it. Taking inspiration from the face-in-hole “costumes” that are popular at fairs and amusement parks, she came up with the idea of painting a jester’s hat and a royal outfit around the holes, and her daughter made it come to life. Now, the people walking by don’t just see dogs — they see residents of a faraway castle.

Levinsen’s hilarious idea went viral when her dog Bogart was filmed by a passerby who got a kick out of his costume.

Since then, the bulldog mama has shared other photos of the results with Bored Panda, and they’re just too cute!

This cute idea may not work for all dogs, but these two are apparently calm enough to observe their surroundings from their little fence holes. And look darn fashionable while doing it.

We can’t get enough of this adorable idea! We’d love to see these funny canine faces peeking at us in our own neighborhood.


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