If you’re a little bird, it takes guts to even go near a fox. But one courageous bird took things a step further and used a sleeping fox as a source for nesting material… even as the sharp-toothed (but very cute!) predator kept waking up!

A video from Texas Backyard Wildlife shows a fox happily sleeping… until a black-crested titmouse appears and starts stomping around in the fox’s fur, looking for the perfect opportunity to find some loose hair to bring home to its nest. Though the fox does wake up — wouldn’t you, if you felt someone pulling out your hair during a nap? — he doesn’t try to attack the bird.

The video has attracted a lot of views — well over a million, in fact — and it’s easy to see why. It’s so rare to see a special moment in nature like this captured on film, and people all over the world have been smiling at the sight of the brave, but annoying bird and the sleepy fox.

You can watch the cute interaction for yourself below:


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