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Brave Dog Saves 900 Sheep From Raging Bushfires In Australia

Image Source: @patsythecorryongwonderdog via Instagram

As tragic as the bushfires have been for Australia, many tales of selflessness and heroism have also come out of the country’s devastating fires. But while many of the heroes have been human, one brave dog took it upon herself to save hundreds of lives as well.

Patsy is a border collie/kelpie mix from Corryong, Victoria in Australia, and she lives with her human, Stephen Hill. As fires blazed across the bush on New Year’s Eve, the hundreds of sheep on Hill’s farm were at risk of burning or choking to death. Patsy could have run for cover, but instead, she sprung into action and herded about 900 sheep to safety inside an enclosure. Hill told Australia’s SBS News that although some sheds did burn down and unfortunately some sheep did perish in the blaze, Patsy’s heroics saved far more than Hill could have on his own.

While many farmers are still reeling from their losses from this bushfire season, Hill and his sheep can at least take comfort in the fact that Patsy will be looking out for the other animals no matter what comes her way.



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