With professional sports all over the world basically canceled until further notice, sports fans, athletes, and employees are having to occupy their time in other ways. One BBC commentator has missed his job so much that he’s gotten creative, and now, his intense at-home commentating work is gaining a lot of attention.

Andrew Cotter normally spends his time providing commentary for BBC Sport, but now, stuck at home with no sporting events to comment on, he turned his attention to where the action is in his house. His two labrador dogs, Mabel and Olive, were locked in a quiet, but intense battle for a “bone” chew toy. Olive, the black lab, starts out with the toy, with Mabel watching her intently. Cotter provides funny and action-packed commentary, making this battle of timing on the carpet just as entertaining as a real sporting event! The video is well worth the watch, especially when you see the twist ending:

People who love sports and people who simply love dogs are all enjoying the funny take on a battle that most dog owners are quite familiar with. Some people have their fingers crossed that this could be part of regularly scheduled quarantine programming.

For now, at least, here’s another video of these cute dogs partaking in another familiar competition: who can finish their breakfast the fastest? This clip also has professional quality commentary from Cotter, so check it out and SHARE this post to make your friends laugh!


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