Most dogs love the snow, and huskies in particular can’t get enough of the fluffy white stuff! While we humans enjoy looking at the frozen white blanket that covers our yards and streets, our other senses can still appreciate a winter wonderland. Who can forget the sound of snow crunching under thick boots? The pleasant, biting chill on our fingers when we make a snowball? The taste of freshly fallen flakes on our tongues? Snow even has a particular scent, if you think about it!

For dogs, too, the sight of snow isn’t all there is to be excited about. That’s why a blind husky named Mackenzie has such a blast playing in the snow even though she has no eyes.

Mackenzie’s owner Mandy Leung told The Dodo that this sweet pup went blind at a young age due to glaucoma, losing her sight completely just a month after coming home to Mandy at ten weeks old. Thankfully, though, going blind as a young puppy has helped Mackenzie better adapt to the world around her, making her rely on her other senses to get around. It certainly hasn’t stopped this pretty girl from enjoying optimal husky weather!

A video of Mackenzie living her best husky life has recently gone viral, and it’s easy to see why. The clip shows Mackenzie stepping outside onto the snow-covered deck, realizing that there’s something special on the ground. Mackenzie starts off looking curious, then gradually gets more excited until she expertly goes down the steps into the yard and lets loose.

You have to see this for yourself, and don’t be surprised if it melts your heart!

We hope Mackenzie can have many more special snow days just like this!


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