Though life is often harder for animals who lack certain senses, they can still rely on their other senses (and helpful companions!) to live a happy, healthy life with special accommodations.

Such is the case for one very special pup named Lyla. This pretty girl is blind and deaf, but thanks to her super sense of smell, she can still recognize her loved ones and “see” the world around her.

Lyla is able to identify her humans (and other things she loves) based on scent, and this is exactly how she figured out that her human dad, Mark Reed, was in the yard with her one day while she was wandering about. In a video that Mark shared on TikTok, you can see Lyla out for a leisurely stroll when suddenly, she catches a whiff of something. She quickly becomes excited and follows her nose right over to Mark!

The video is, of course, extremely adorable. We love seeing how Lyla gets so excited when she smells her dad even from an impressive distance away! But it’s also evidence of just how powerful dogs’ noses are. What other amazing things might they be able to smell that are far out of our sniffing range?

Check out the cute video below:


When she all of a sudden smells my scent 😭😭😭😭😭😭

♬ original sound – markreed6096


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