These badass women are striking fear into the hearts of poachers everywhere.

The Black Mambas are an all-female anti-poaching group in Africa. Their job is to patrol reserves, making sure poachers don’t drive Africa’s beautiful wildlife further into extinction.

Though they are unarmed, they go through intense training, which, according to The Dodo, has helped reduce poaching by 76 percent.

Protecting animals isn’t all the Mambas do, either. The group also does community work, helping educate children about why they need to protect the world’s precious wildlife.

You can learn more about the Black Mambas at their website here.

These Are The Women Who Fight Animal Poaching In South Africa

This badass all-women anti-poaching organization is trained to protect endangered animals (via NowThis Her)

Posted by NowThis on Saturday, January 13, 2018

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