Many cat owners report their kitties seeming to see things that aren’t there, but one Oregon woman’s cat jumps over things that aren’t there.

The confusing habit started when Leapfrog (originally named “Chess”) and her adopted sibling, Daffodil, were brought home from a shelter in 2013. Their owner, Jeanine, noticed one day that “Chess” would jump over the space separating the basement steps from the kitchen, even when there was nothing there! Leapfrog soon earned a new name, and it certainly fits her!

The only explanation Jeanine could come up with is that she sometimes put objects there to be taken down to the basement, and Leapfrog might take that as a fun obstacle course challenge. But who knows what goes through this active kitty’s mind?

Now, Jeanine sets up obstacles for Leapfrog to jump over, and we’re loving the creativity.

Here’s Leapfrog embracing the quarantine life:

Flowers are no match for her aerial skills.

There is no stool high enough to stop her.

No sleigh long enough to keep her at bay.

Even humans are just oddly shaped obstacles to her.

Sometimes, she even dresses up for the occasion.

Of course, she could just walk around the objects in her path…

But what fun would that be?

It seems that nothing can keep this cat on the ground.

It’s all just a game to her!

We can’t wait to see what this agile kitty will leap over next.

Does your pet have any quirky habits? Tell us about them in the comments!


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