One of the most fascinating things we’ve seen during the coronavirus outbreak is how nature has reclaimed many areas usually occupied (and often polluted) by humans. For example, we’ve seen lions napping on normally busy roads in South Africa.

Among the most shocking changes we’ve seen due to less human traffic comes from the canals of Venice in Italy. Normally disturbed by the constant movement of boats, the water is now calm and settled, and the lack of traffic has led to less pollution in the canals and the settling of sediment that normally makes the water murky. Photos of the crystal-clear canals have gone viral, and now, a biologist has captured a video of something we thought we’d never see.

Andrea Mangoni spotted a barrel jellyfish gliding through the clean water, noting that the lack of moving boats may prompt species to return to the canals. We had already seen fish swimming around in the undisturbed water, but a jellyfish must have truly been a thrilling sight to behold.

Mangoni expressed his admiration for the unique animal, and people around the world are sharing his sentiments. While COVID-19 has changed the world and put people under a lot of stress, little moments like this help us find beauty in even the darkest of places.

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