Steve Irwin’s legacy has lived on in his children. Now young adults themselves, Bindi and Robert Irwin have continued the Crocodile Hunter’s work at the Australia Zoo. The world has watched Bindi and Robert grow up, and it still tugs at our heartstrings when one of them reminds us of their father.

The young Irwins aren’t carrying on their dad’s legacy alone, though — in addition to Steve’s wife Terri, Bindi’s husband Chandler is also a huge animal lover and has always supported the Irwin family in their mission to help Australian wildlife. And thanks to a photo that Bindi shared on social media, we now know that he’s always been a fan of Steve.

Yesterday, Bindi shared this adorable photo of Chandler as a child proudly holding up a Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course DVD.

“This makes my heart so happy. My sweetheart husband has watched Dad’s documentaries since he was little. ❤️ To find Crocodile Hunter DVDs, visit the link in my bio. We ship worldwide and funds raised support the ongoing care of our beautiful animals,” she said in the caption.

Bindi also shared a modern-day photo of Chandler holding up a Collision Course DVD, sporting the same joyful grin he’s apparently had his whole life.

To make the whole thing even cuter, Chandler left a comment on the photo expressing his love for his wife.

It makes us so happy to see that Bindi has found a marriage that is filled with the same love and support as her parents enjoyed for so many years.

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