If you were a kid at any point in the nineties (or a parent to a ’90s kid), chances are you watched a lot of “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” The TV show aimed to teach children about science in a fun way, using cool experiments (and the fun narration of Bill Nye himself) to get kids interested in everything from chemistry to meteorology.

Well, Bill Nye is still around teaching us all about science, and believe it or not, he’s on TikTok these days! Lucky for us, too, because if there’s anything the world needs right now, it’s a fun science lesson.

Currently, Bill is going viral for a pair of videos he posted on the app showing the effectiveness of facemaks. The topic of whether or not to wear a mask has been widely debated among scientists, but among those in the scientific community, the answer is pretty unanimous: you should wear one. Why? Well, even if you’re not worried about your own health, Bill has shared a simple demonstration to show people how wearing a mask can help others stay healthy.

With just a candle and a few face coverings (such as a scarf, a simple cloth homemade face mask, and an N95 mask), Bill shows us how these masks really do protect people nearby from whatever particles may be coming out of our mouths.

In a follow-up video, Bill reminded his followers that the masks aren’t necessarily to protect the people wearing the masks, but to protect others.


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