Old-timey cartoons (and, yes, some real-life stories) may tell you that dogs and cats will never get along, but one sweet pup named Raylan is shutting that stereotype down.

Raylan is described by his human as a “purebred mutt who enjoys getting beer for loved ones, road trips, and cuddling with his foster kittens.” Recently, his love for his feline friends has been making waves across the internet, and it’s easy to see why.

Raylan is a big dog, but he also has a big heart, and these tiny kittens fit right in!

And the kittens seem to know a great pillow when they see one.

At nine years old, Raylan is a senior boy. But rather than being a grumpy old man, he’s got nothing but love to give for his tiny friends.

Can you blame him, though?! Look at that adorable little face.

He’s so gentle with them that he can carry them around in his mouth without causing any worry.

The feeling seems to be mutual, too — the kittens can’t get enough of him!

He’s perfectly suited for his role as a foster dad.


His kitty love isn’t just reserved for the babies, either. He’s a friend to all felines!

While not every animal is cut out to have foster pets entering and leaving the house, Raylan seems to love his “job.”


And of course, what lucky kitties! Not every cat gets to move into a temporary home with such a wonderful host dog.

You can follow Raylan on Instagram to keep up with his adventures in kitten fostering.


And of course, if you can, consider fostering a pet of your own!

You never know what adorable moments you might witness if you do.


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