By now, we’ve all seen at least one viral video of someone throwing a tantrum in a store over being asked to wear a mask, making life much harder for employees who are just trying to do their job and keep people safe. These people are often the same who claim that COVID-19 is a “hoax” and that being told to wear a mask in the midst of a pandemic is a “violation of their rights.”

If you think these folks are a bit silly, you’ll probably love this funny, creative parody of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast‘s “Be Our Guest.” The lyrics of this iconic song have been changed to reflect the desperate pleas of so many people who are begging their peers to just “Wear a Mask.”

Check out the hilarious vocal talents of Noah Lindquist and Ashley Young as they take on the voices of some of Disney’s most iconic characters, and be warned: this will get stuck in your head all day long.


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