For many families — especially during quarantine — eating dinner on the couch together (often while watching a movie or TV show) has taken over the routine of eating at the dinner table. But what about our pets? While they may jump up on the couch before or after they eat to spend time with us, it’s also fair to say that they’re missing out on some quality family time by not eating with us, right?

Murphy the basset hound sure seems to think so. Murphy’s human, Audrey Waito, told The Dodo that her smart pup had started a new routine about two years ago. As the humans in the family sat down to watch TV with their dinner, Murphy picked up his own food bowl from the floor and gently set it on the couch to enjoy his own meal with his owners.

Ever since then, Murphy has continued to politely insist on eating his dinner with the rest of his family, and his little tradition is unbearably cute.


Just wanted to eat his dinner and relax! ##murphy

♬ original sound – Audrey Waito-Prince

Just like us humans, Murphy also sometimes settles down for his evening meal before realizing he’s forgotten to do something. Did he leave the stove on?


When you finally get comfortable and realize you forget something in the kitchen #murphy #hateitwhenthat happens

♬ original sound – Audrey Waito-Prince

Make no mistake, though — Murphy isn’t just a couch potato. This long pup leads an active lifestyle and enjoys the great outdoors!

We’re glad this clever dog has found another great way to bond with his family… and that we get to see his cute little habit!


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