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Bald Eagle Mother Protects Eggs Even As She Gets Covered In Snow


There’s nothing like a mother’s love. Though we humans know this to be true of our own mothers, the moms of the animal kingdom are just as fierce and fearless, even in the face of extreme weather.

A pair of bald eagle parents in West Virginia have proven this to the world after a nest cam from the National Conservation Training Center captured footage of the mother, Bella, sitting protectively on her eggs even as she herself is covered by a blanket of snow.

Bella and her mate, Smitty, have been together for ten years, returning to the same tree every year to raise their young. This year, the winter left much of the nest — and Bella herself — covered in snow, but that didn’t stop Bella from prioritizing her delicate eggs. As Bella stands up and shakes the snow from her feathers, she stands over her eggs, taking care not to let the snow cover them as she turns them over to make sure they’re evenly incubated. It’s the kind of parental instincts these majestic animals are born with, and we couldn’t be more impressed with Bella’s care and dedication!

You can check out the incredible scene below:

If you want to stay updated on the lives of this fascinating eagle family, you can watch the livestream of their nest here.



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