Macarons are a cookie that’s beloved by sweet tooths worldwide. These crunchy, chewy desserts are delicious and appear to be simple, but one baker is taking these dainty delights to the next level and transforming them into masterpieces.

Kim Delia of Switzerland is taking the decorative dessert trend and applying it to her masterful macarons. Check out some of our favorite creations below, and don’t forget to SHARE this post with all of your friends who appreciate it when art meets food!

Kim often implements floral designs into her macarons.

She applies incredible amounts of detail to the smallest spaces in her cookies.

She even made “macaronception” a thing!

Her creations are both fun and glamorous all at once.

Some of them are even mind-bending.

It’s incredible how she can create an entire scene with such little space.

Her macarons come in all sorts of designs and colors.

Yep, she even made a coronavirus-themed macaron. Now THAT’S creative!

Ah, so that’s where all the toilet paper went.

Kim’s been getting more and more crafty with her work, and there’s no telling what she’ll come up with next.

Her macarons almost look good enough to eat, but let’s be honest: we probably wouldn’t be able to stop inhaling them if we got to try them.

Baking is truly an artform on its own, but this baker takes it to a whole new level.


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