Of all the crazy things that have happened due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, one of the most frustrating and confusing was that people started hoarding toilet paper. The sudden shortage led to panic-buying from others who feared that they might be left without TP, and before we knew it, toilet paper shelves all over the world were completely empty.

Such was the case for a New Hampshire Walmart store, which was filmed as being completely free of any paper or cleaning products. The loss was tragic, but thankfully, the New Hampshire Police Association Pipes & Drums were there to pay their respects. The group normally works to play their bagpipes and drums to honor the memory of fallen law enforcement workers, but a few days ago, they injected some humor into a stressful time for people across the world by playing their instruments in the empty aisles of Walmart.

Take a look at their Walmart performance below (make sure you watch to the end), and stay healthy and safe!


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