In the animal kingdom (and in the human world), there are a lot of youngsters who want to prove that they’re the real deal. Of course, when they try to be tough in front of grown-ups, the end result is usually a lot more adorable than they’d hope.

This was the case for a rhino calf spotted on a wildlife preserve tour and filmed by Darren Sheer. The Kruger Sightings vehicle had stopped because there was a mother rhino and her baby in the road ahead, and while the passengers were happy to stop and take photos and videos, the baby rhino had other ideas.

The cute calf mustered all his might and charged forward, ready to take on every passenger in that vehicle if they dared even look at him the wrong way. “Let me at ’em!” he seemed to say.

Thankfully for everyone involved, the mother rhino wasn’t as concerned about the humans in the road, seemingly content to watch while her young one displayed all his ferocity to the delight of the sightseers. One day, this little thing will be as large and dangerous as his parents, but for now, he just looks so darn cute when he’s charging at full speed.

You can check out the video below:


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