Even though getting itchy seems to be a universal experience for any living creature with skin, there’s something about a cute animal scratching itself that really brings out the “aww” in us. Who doesn’t love the jingling of collar tags and flopping of ears when a dog takes care of an itch? And we all know that watching bigger animals like horses or giraffes getting in a good ear scratch is basically an instant mood-booster.

But have you ever seen a baby manatee scratch itself?

Fun 2 Dive Manatee Tours, which allows guests to snorkel with (but not touch!) these gentle “sea cows,” shared a video that shows what happens when a baby manatee gets a face itch. While you wouldn’t think that such a phenomenon would be that remarkable, it’s actually really stinkin’ cute, especially as the calf scrunches up his face to get just the right spot.

While manatees do have flippers, they also have little nails on the ends of them, making them look like flattened elephant feet. And we imagine that this “little” cutie pie is grateful for that!

Check out the video of the adorable moment below:


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