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Automobile Photographer Takes Jaw-Dropping Photos Of A Toy Car On A Treadmill


The COVID-19 outbreak has left many professionals working from home, and that includes people who work in the arts as well. Creatives around the world are having to get, well, creative with their projects, finding workarounds to continue making their art while keeping themselves and others safe.

Car photographer Kunal Kelkar ran into that very predicament, and ironically, the photographs he produced in quarantine might be some of his best yet. He’d been talking with Lamborghini about doing a photoshoot with one of their cars, but of course, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the idea has since been put on the back burner. Kelkar is from India and the shoot was in Europe, so he was among the many people who had to cancel big trips due to the virus. He had been so excited for the shoot, though, that he decided he couldn’t just not photograph a Lamborghini.

During a cooldown on his treadmill at home, Kelkar noticed that the floor of the machine looked like a road. So he created his own setup with a ping pong net, a spray bottle full of water, the treadmill, and a toy Lamborghini Huracan. The results speak for themselves:

All elements are captured in camera.
A spray bottle was used for rain.
Two @lumecube lights along with two @profotoglobal B10s, a @thepixelstick and a Yongnuo YN360 were used to light the scene.
The car was held in place on the treadmill with the use of a shoelace.
The boundary fence was a ping pong table net.
Yes yes, I know it’s the title of a movie and a book, but it also happens to be the title of this series of model @lamborghini Huracan images shot on a treadmill during the COVID-19 Lockdown in India.
@womanbehindthewheel and I were supposed to be in Europe for a few projects and we were looking forward to getting a Lamborghini in front our lens, but due to the running pandemic we have had to figure new ways to do what we love!

Here’s to photographing cars for life!

Hopefully it won’t be long before this talented photographer is back out on the streets, traveling the world and taking pictures of some life-sized cars. But if he can keep making this kind of magic with just the supplies he has at home, we’re not upset about that either!

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